Each piece is designed, the glass cut and then assembled.

Fish in progress

Work is started on a flat piece of glass.  Above a circle of deep turquoise blue glass is dusted with layers of glass powder.  The powder is then used as a medium for drawing a design.  The powder is considered hazardous and a dust mask must be worn while working with glass powders.

Sgrafitto completed

The glass is now tack fused.  The glass is heated to 796 degrees Celsius to melt the surface and powder. Once the glass has melted the temperature is rapidly dropped to 510 degrees Celsius where the glass is held for an hour before being cooled slowly. The entire firing process takes about eight to nine hours.


The second stage is for the glass is thermo-formed, or "slumped", into a mould to shape it. Again this process takes another eigth to ten hours.




Algae form

Algae form 30cm dia amber and cranberry

Blue spiral form

Blue spiral 30cm dia

Small Objects of Desire

15cm dia - random abstract sketches in glass inspired by nature.

Shadow of the Gorgon

Abstract 30cm dia based on the reticulation of a Gorgonia (sea fan).

Fish! (Glass Panel: Sgrafitto)

Fish!  Glass panel.  Sgraffito 30x20cm.

Small objects of desire (1)

Small objects of desire: small and large bowls.

Blue and white...

Glass and ceramics inspired by the shoreline.  Glass waves break on tropical sand while bleached wh…