Inspirations come from the nature, especially the marine world.

Artistic influences are distincly Catalan - Miro and Tapies - with a touch of Klimt and more than a hint of Japanese Wabi-Sabi

Designs are organic and fractal and play with the way light interacts with the glass.


Algae form

Algae form 30cm dia amber and cranberry

Blue spiral form

Blue spiral 30cm dia

Small Objects of Desire

15cm dia - random abstract sketches in glass inspired by nature.

Shadow of the Gorgon

Abstract 30cm dia based on the reticulation of a Gorgonia (sea fan).

Fish! (Glass Panel: Sgrafitto)

Fish!  Glass panel.  Sgraffito 30x20cm.

Small objects of desire (1)

Small objects of desire: small and large bowls.

Blue and white...

Glass and ceramics inspired by the shoreline.  Glass waves break on tropical sand while bleached wh…